Early-Stage Services

(Pre-Seed, Seed, or Stealth Companies with 1 to ~25 People)

Go-To-Market Sales Coaching & Hiring Infrastructure Training

Overview: Most early-stage companies who can’t afford our recruiting services, benefit from our GTM sales coaching and/or our hiring infrastructure setup and training services (see the Al La Carte section below). If you’ve got a need in either of these areas, we’re happy to invest the time upfront at no cost, to explore your needs, and determine if we can help.

Structure & Investment: Free 30 minute introductory session, followed by the option to invest in hourly coaching (sold in 4 hour blocks @$500 p/hour). Coaching sessions must be utilized within 60 days of payment. We also offer discounted rates for longer-term monthly engagements.*

Sourcing as a Service

Overview: Early-stage companies often do the heavy lifting of screening and selecting talent as a cost saving measure, but can benefit in a big way by outsourcing the research to help them build quality candidate pipelines. Our team can easily plug-in and help source highly qualified, targeted, passive candidate profiles for each of your talent pipelines, regardless of function, location, or seniority level. We’re able to deliver better quality at a reduced cost than most teams can do on their own, enabling them to spend their time recruiting vs. sourcing. We can even engage these passive candidates for you and build out custom screening funnels that’ll book pre-qualified candidates directly to your hiring managers calendar. 

We use a proprietary boolean algorithmic search strategy that turns Google into our contact database. We also have access to data sources and tools unknown to the majority of recruiters. This simply means we can source candidates you’d never be able to find on your own, do it faster, and often at the same or lesser cost than having your team do it internally. We can also build out other types of “contact lists” for our clients too. Ranging from lists for your marketing/sales team, investor lists in preparation for fund-raising, and we can even build out competitive industry market maps.

Structure & Investment: Candidate pipeline sourcing (or any other type of list building activity) requires a free 30 minute intro call to determine need and project scope, after which we’ll provide you with a custom quote.

(*Due to time being the scarcest resource, and our limited availability and appetite for these types of relationships, we’re very discerning about the clients we’ll take on in this capacity. Our coaching is ALWAYS outcome based, so we only take on clients who we know are a great fit, and where can have an immediate impact.)

(Click here for a short video on our unique approach to the Executive Search process)

Growth-Stage Services

(Series A, B, C, or D Funded Startups with 25 to ~250 People)

Senior-Level Retained Search

Overview: Most companies find it relatively straightforward to grow their team from 0 to ~25 people, which is about the time when most founders hit the “hiring wall”. This is when most companies need help building out their executive leadership team by pulling talent out of larger companies with the expertise and experience to drive the business forward faster.

Structure/Investment: Traditional retained search engagements will carry a fee of 33% of the placed candidates total first year compensation. And most established firms won’t touch a search that carries a fee of less than $90,000 USD. You’ll then have to pay the first 1/3rd upfront to kick things off, another 1/3rd upon being presented with a short list of candidates, and the final 1/3rd is always due upon completion. Often, firms will add on additional expenses such as travel costs, software/database access fees, and administrative costs as part of their contract. 

However, Bearhug Recruiting believes in providing our clients with a custom FIXED FEE quote based on (1) the complexity of your requirement (2) your expectations and timeline, and (3) our availability to prioritize your search. We only require a minimal ONE TIME upfront deposit to kick things off, and only receive the balance of the fee upon completing the search. We can work faster, and produce the same if not better quality outcomes than the larger firms most times at a lesser cost, because we keep our overhead low, and have less hands involved in the search. This more modern payment structure ensures you get more value for less cost, and avoids you only seeing the most expensive candidates.

Mid-Level Contingency Search

Overview: If you’ve been trying to fill an important mid-level (or senior individual contributor) role, and aren’t getting enough quality pipeline from your own network, and you’re ready to bring in some outside help on a contingency basis, then this could be a solid option.

You’ll just need to make sure you limit the # of recruiters allowed to work on the search (i.e. 2 to 3 outside recruiters max). You’ll also want to provide everyone visibility into the candidates that have been submitted and are under consideration at all times to avoid overlapping efforts and causing possible damage to your brand reputation. You’ll also need to set realistic expectations because (1) contingency recruiters will be initially working for free (2) you’re setting them up to be in competition with your other recruiters without any guarantee of being paid, so most will only due a cursory database query and (3) they’ll then move on to the other 20+ projects they’re working on at the same time, essentially just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what’ll stick, hoping they end up getting paid on ~10% of their jobs. Believe it or not, this is the way that 95%+ of the recruiting market operates.  

Structure/Investment: We do occasionally believe in taking on contingency projects under certain circumstances, such as (1) we may have someone we can quickly throw into the mix who may have come in late on another very similar search (2) we may want to “date you” first before deciding that we want to get married by entering into a retained relationship and/or (3) you may want us to enter into a retained relationship, but we may simply not have the bandwidth and therefore we may suggest we take the project on contingency so we can work on it only when we have the time. However, because we’re taking on a higher degree of risk working on contingency, that carries with it a premium fee if our candidates end up getting hired. Custom quotes for contingency engagements are provided only after fully discussing your requirements, the history, and the current status of the search.

(Click here for a short video on our unique approach to the Executive Search process)

A La Carte Services

(Bespoke Solutions Designed for Companies of Any Shape or Size)


Hiring Infrastructure Training

Building Your Scorecard & Setting The Right Search Strategy: There are two key issues when starting a search (1) getting the team to agree on the target candidate profile and (2) setting the right strategy. The best way to resolve both these issues is to build out a your team’s hiring “Scorecard”. This service is delivered as a series of workshop style sessions over the course of ~12 hours (sold in 4 hour blocks @$500 p/hour).

Crafting The Perfect Job Advertisement: Forget traditional job descriptions. Copying what you see everyone else doing out there on job boards online is not the best strategy for attracting the best talent. Once you’ve built the proper “Scorecard” let our copywriters create a Job Advertisement that’ll turn away the weak candidates, and attract those who are truly qualified, available and interested. This service is a ~4 hour add-on to the Scorecard session.

Mapping Your Market & Sourcing The Entire Candidate Universe: To get the right eyeballs on your Job Invitation, you’ve got to drive the right type of candidates to the offer. Let our sourcing team do a full market map of the competitive industry landscape (both direct and adjacent industries), so we can look in the right companies for the exact talent you need. This sourcing strategy combined with our proprietary boolean algorithmic search strategy using Google will allow us to build you the right target list for your Job Advertisement.  Sourcing projects are scoped on per/project basis, the cost of which is determined only after conducting a 30 minute exploratory call.

Crafting The Right Outreach Messaging: There’s an important difference between the messaging you’ll want to use when targeting passive vs. active candidates. Each group has unique motivations which necessitates handling each group differently when reaching out both by email or by phone. Let our team of copywriters craft the perfect messaging for your outreach campaign(s) that’ll capture the right people’s attention and move them to action. Messaging projects are scoped on per/project basis, the cost of which is determined only after conducting a 30 minute exploratory call.

Custom Screening Funnels: Once you’ve gotten the attention of a targeted list of candidates, you’ll want to consider having our team help you design the perfect screening system using a combination of both automated and manual steps to cut down the time your hiring managers have been spending on the recruiting process by as much as 90%. This service is delivered as a series of workshop style sessions over the course ~12 hours (sold in 4 hour blocks @$500 p/hour).

List Building Services

Does your marketing team need a list for promoting an upcoming event, or a list to help drive inbound leads for sales? Are you about to go into fundraising mode and need help compiling a list of potential investment partners that focus on your specific vertical and stage? If you need a list built, chances are we can do it better/faster than having your team do it internally. List building projects are scoped on per/project basis, the cost of which is determined only after conducting a 30 minute exploratory call.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

An alternative to paying Bearhug Recruiting a search fee on each person we place within your organization, there are situations where we can act as your RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) engine, and handle all (or some) of your hiring needs during a given time frame paid as a monthly retainer. This offer would clearly necessitate an exploratory call, and would only be suitable for very unique situations.

Consulting & Speaking

Would you or your team benefit by having us come in and facilitate a workshop on hiring best practices? Are you throwing a company or industry event and need an expert to come in and speak on the topic of GTM strategy for early stage tech companies? Schedules permitting, we’re open to on-premise 1x1 consulting or training workshops @ $5,000 p/day, and virtual workshops, speaking opportunities or 1x1 coaching priced on a per engagement basis.

To inquire about pricing for any of the services you see here on this page, please fill out the contact form below and we’ll reach out and schedule time so we can design the right solution for you and your organization.

(Click here for a short video on our unique approach to the Executive Search process)


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