If you’re a GTM leader that cares about sustainability and you’re looking for access to the best (discrete) opportunities, we can help.

Fact: Switching jobs every 18-months is not a formula for happiness or wealth creation. Chances are, you just haven’t been taken to market properly. Let’s fix that. Right now.



Why you should let Bearhug represent you


Consider the following:

  • 84% of people said they’d leave their job if offered the chance to work for a company with a stronger reputation*

  • Workers in smaller firms (i.e. the type we represent) feel far more engaged in their work than their counterparts in larger corps*

  • 64% of workers say they’d take more than a 50% pay cut for a job they love over sticking with a job that’s “boring”*

  • Job security, health care coverage, and professional development are valued above additional compensation*

  • Nearly 80% of workers look at people and culture fit with prospective employers first, career potential second*

  • Across America, only 20% of workers say they feel “passionate” about their jobs*

  • 33% believe they have reached a dead end in their career and 21% are eager to change careers*

  • You’ll be up to 3x more likely to land the perfect job by having someone represent you versus you selling yourself*

  • Working with Bearhug won’t cost you a dime, yet may end up resulting in total and complete career satisfaction and true wealth creation. At least that’s our sincere belief in the power of our services :-)


The Business Case for Bearhug



99% of Recruiters are a total and complete nuisance.

As an accomplished professional, you’ve been recruited before and it’s often been distasteful. Aside from the spam you get in your inbox, you’re constantly hit up by recruiters pretending to know all about you.

They launch into a job description mirroring your LinkedIn profile and tell you you’re a perfect fit. Your eyes roll as you think to yourself: “You don’t even know if I’m interested, and you’re pitching me a job? Stop with the used car salesman tactics and STOP wasting my time!”.

But you’re polite. A true professional. You simply say: “Thanks, but no thanks” as you hang up the phone.


We get it. Totally. And our eyes roll with yours.

Rest assured, we’re not part of that 99%.


Candidate Eligibility Criteria


The following criteria must be met to be eligible as a bearhug candidate:

  1. In 99.99% of cases, you must be gainfully employed, reside here in the USA, and ideally, you’re passionate about working in the realm of global sustainability. This generally means you’re attracted to working with companies in the AgTech, BioTech, FoodTech or CleanTech sectors.

  2. You must have a senior-level title, and be seasoned or C-suite ready.

  3. You’ll need to demonstrate and provide evidence proving you’re in the top 10% of your skill bracket.

  4. You’ll need to possess above average communication skills and be chameleon-like in your ability to identify and co-exist with multiple personality styles. You should have a demonstrable track record of being able to motivate your team to achieve exceptional results.

  5. You must have a conscious understanding of the variance between your current contribution and the unused portion within you that can be elevated immediately with the proper employment positioning.

  6. You must have a well defined “wish list” with pre-written criteria needed for starting a new/better chapter in life in an early stage SaaS company as a key member of the executive team.

  7. You must be mentally and emotionally prepared to endure a multi-hour retrospective on your career and have what you say backed up by current and past colleagues, employers and back-channel references.

And finally…


8. You must possess the character we would feel comfortable inviting into our homes for dinner with our families.



What you as a candidate can expect in return


1. Matchmaking Done Right.

We’ll guarantee you a 90% match to opportunities that’ll provide:

  • Fit: We’ll match you with a company whose vision, strengths and culture matches your strengths, goals and values

  • Family: We’ll match you with the opportunities that guarantee a smooth transition for you and your family

  • Freedom: We’ll match you with companies that allow you the flexibility and autonomy you need to do your best

  • Fortune: We’ll shoot you straight regarding the stability and financial upside over the next 5 years and beyond

  • Fun: We only work with the best people/companies, which means amazing relationships and experiences for you

2. Deep Dive Intake Session.

The experience you’ll have during the intake session will be unlike any you’ve had before. Our deep dive into your desired position scope, role objectives and culture fit is our secret sauce. The easiest part of helping you is matching your technical skills with a job spec. The hardest part is matching your soft skills to the correct style and flavor of your new company in a way that’ll unlock and activate your full capacity and creativity.

3. We only pitch you the best.

There’ll be no exposing you to bogus companies with no success trajectory. Before we ever discuss a specific opportunity with you, we’ll have already had you divulge your future utopia. This allows us to operate as skilled matchmakers. We dig deep and listen for the truth before anything else happens.

4. Interview preparation.

Rare opportunities require special attention. The hiring team at our client companies that we’ll be exposing you to are equally as bright as you are, and will be turned off by the slightest whiff of a “tire kicker candidate”. We’ll take no chances of you risking the client misjudging your character, skills or style by allowing you to be under-prepared. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

Our candidate assessments go beyond the typical résumé and biased reference checks clients are accustomed to. Our process includes preparing both you and the client for all phone and in-person interviews in a way that’ll give each of you such an in-depth look at who you each are, that all conversations will feel effortless for both sides. We’ll walk you through the entire process, ensuring you feel 100% confident and in control.

5. Honest, clear-cut debriefing.

If there are any “gaps” regarding what you’ve done in the past and will be required to do in the new opportunity, we’ll point them out early and often. We won’t waste each other’s time. Ever.

6. Negotiating.

If all parties do their jobs, meaning all sides have been pre-closed with hypothetical offers and acceptances, transitions will be smooth as butter. If we feel you’re not going to accept an offer, we won’t extend one to you.

7. Trust.

To do our job well, you must give us your trust. We’ll do the same in return. Our effort will be long lasting, and you’ll see that in your longevity with the organizations where we place you. Proper fit and timing equals less headaches and maximum productivity. More output equals more money, accolades and more happiness all around. That’s the best form of a Bearhug we can provide you. And we’ll prove it with each and every opportunity we get to work on together.


It is. X marks the spot.


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I have a list of over 55 recruiters and executive search firms that I have worked with in the past. None of them had the follow-up, professionalism, thoroughness, and enthusiasm to support a candidate like Kraig. He is the consummate professional.
— Richard DeFrancisco, Candidate hired as Head of Sales at Ping Inc.

Let’s Talk

To be clear, our priority is taking opportunities to market (not people), and sourcing the best possible candidates for each search assignment. The best chance you have of your name surfacing in our database for matching you up with the exact opportunities that fit your skills and interests, is to invest the time needed to thoroughly fill out our Confidential Candidate Intake Form here.

Once you’ve taken that step, we’ll be in touch shortly after to set up an exploratory call to discuss:

  • Your current situation. Your future utopia. Your current plans for getting from Point A to Point B, and how we can help.

  • Should a partnership make sense, we’ll begin collaborating on your plan of action and will determine next steps.

Thanks in advance for putting your trust in us. Chances are once you’ve experienced the way we work with you as a candidate, it’ll be hard to work with any other recruiting firm. At least, that’s what we hear from our candidates on a daily basis :-)

(Click here for a short video on our unique approach to the Executive Search process)

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